Accounting from primary documents to the preparation of financial statements We take full responsibility for our work, we represent our customer in public institutions, for customer convenience, it is possible to provide and receive accounting documents at a distance, we work with customers from various business fields, therefore we have all types of experience. We have good knowledge of the nuances of construction, trade and service sectors.   Each Norwegian company must provide reports to the State Tax Inspectorate (Skatteetaten), Labour and Social Welfare Office (NAV), Statistics Department, Centre of Registers (Brønøysundregisteret), etc. It is difficult for each entrepreneur to manage his accounts without any help. This requires knowledge of the laws of the Kingdom of Norway, understanding of accounting principles and requirements, as well as education in finances. Delayed monthly/annual reports and tax evasion can lead to serious problems with public institutions. That is why each Norwegian company must have an accountant who would help prepare and submit all the necessary reports and statements to relevant public institutions, inform you about the taxes that you must pay, point you in the right direction and provide advice on matters related to company management.

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